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Colleges are centers of learning where the country’s best minds are trained to become future leaders. However, these future leaders have often had their fair share of bloopers and faux-pas while in college. Such embarrassing moments may have made you want to hide your face in the ground. But these moments become memorable anecdotes that you will one day share with your grand kids.Mark Twain
Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.

Samuel Beckett
Dublin University contains the dream of Ireland – rich and thick.

Thomas Ehrlich
A college education should equip one to entertain three things: a friend, an idea and oneself.

Hope You will enjoy reading it……………………………………It’s my life

“Above are some quotes to know the life of college by different eyes (source from Internet)”

Here are some my own experiences As you can see below there young guys we use to sit together in class room and as you can see here also we all are together because our roll number was also one after the other, we really enjoyed the three years in college.

(hey am in the middle yaar)


Here are other members of our group we experienced all kind of things in our college life lets start from the “first year”::::

The first thing that i would not forget is the Maths class because it was really a AMAZING ONE you want to know why “it was not that we got very good prof ” ya he was very exe pro and also very talented but the lovely thing about the great person was that he never put absent to any one ………….I still remember those days when my friends use to escape from the class and go to play cricket and he my prof without asking where all others are use to mark present.


Now coming to “second year ” The thing that i will never forget during second year is that we got the Amazing rewords from all the heads it was unexplainable thing ….. do You know what was it “we where declared the most notorious group of students ” ………There use to be regular visit to the HOD’s office at least by one person every day, “this made us brave enough to face the world:)”


Hey know Be serious Because it was the 3rd year : Now we all were very much serious with our studies and almost every one got first class in thin 5th and 6th the final semester

There use to be tough fight between all the students and we all use to help each other to make up for the exams and i still remember the days of our group studies, we were some 3 to 4 guys study together i use to do well in some of the subjects so, I study whole night and use to help them next day with same subject and they also do the same.


I wish i get the those lovely days ones again and i live for forever in that ………………..


Hey I forgot to tell you that on 2 October as all the Indian know its our babu jis birthday it was 2007 I reached college by2 pm as our timing was 2 to 7 pm.

As soon as i entered some three to four of my friends came near my place and asked me to stand up i was wondering, as i dont know the reason they were having some thing in there hand it was like a gift thing.

One from that group wished my and handed that gift to me and shouted loudly that you won the GANDHI JI CONTEST (oh my god ), he said that they conducted a poll who is A right person for Gandhi award in our class and there were some options also but I got the 100% votes and from that day all started calling me Gandhi even though Am not the true person like Gandhi ji and person who conducted this contest and many more like this is the 3rd one in the below photo from right to left.



अब न जाने वो दिन कब आये गा!
फ़िर कब हम साथ मिल कर क्लास बांक करे !

Rewind Your Memories to the College Days with These Funny College Quotes

Read these funny college quotes and reminisce those treasured college days.

Woody Allen
I was thrown out of college for cheating on the metaphysics exam: I looked into the soul of another boy.

Frank Zappa
If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library.

George Edwin Howes
The chief value in going to college is that it’s the only way to learn it really doesn’t matter.

Dr. A. Lawrence Lowell
Of course there’s a lot of knowledge in universities: the freshmen bring a little in; the seniors don’t take much away, so knowledge sort of accumulates….

Third Law of Applied Terror
80% of the final exam will be based on the one lecture you missed and the one book you didn’t read.

Alice Duer Miller
Don’t ever dare to take your college as a matter of course – because, like democracy and freedom, many people you’ll never know have broken their hearts to get it for you.

Elbert Hubbard
Never get married in college; it’s hard to get a start if a prospective employer finds you’ve already made one mistake.


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Hey friends watch out some things or photos which is hard to see

HoW You Feel About this



Am waiting for your comments Enjoy thiS!.

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Warren Buffet


There was a one hour interview on CNBC with Warren Buffet, the richest man who donated $31 billion to charity. Here are some very interesting aspects of this great HUMAN:


  1. He bought his first share at the age of 11 and he now regrets that he started too late!
  2. He bought a small farm at the age of 14 with savings from delivering newspapers.
  3. He still lives in the same small 3-bedroom house in mid-town. Omaha that he bought after he got married 50 years ago.
  4. He says that he has everything he needs in that house. His house doest not wall or a fence.
  5. He drives his own car everywhere and doest not have a driver or security around him.
  6. He never travels by private jet, although he owns the worlds largest private jet company.
  7. His company, Berkshire Hathaway, Owns 63 companies. He writes only one letter each year to the CEOs of the companies, giving them goals for the year, He never holds meetings or calls them on regular bases. He has given his CEOs only two rules.

Rule number 1: do not lose any of your share holder’s money .Rule number 2: Do not forget rule number 1,

  1. He does not socialize with the high society crowed. His past time after he gets home is to make himself some pop corn and watch Television.
  2. Bill Gates, once met him for the first time only 5 years ago. Bill Gates did not think he had anything in common with Warren Buffet. So he had scheduled his meeting only for half hour, But when Gates met him, the meeting lasted for ten hours and Bill Gates became a devotee of Warren Buffet.
  3. Warren Buffet does not carry a cell phone, nor has a computer on his desk.

His advice to young people:

 “Stay away from credit cards and invest in yourself  and


a)      Money doesn’t create man but man who created money.

b)      Live your life as simple as you are.

c)      Don’t do what other’s say, just listen to them, but do what makes you feel good.

d)      Don’t go on brand name; just wear those things in which you feel comfortable.

e)      Don’t waste your money on unnecessary things; just spend on things that you really need.

f)        After all it’s your life, then why give others the chance to rule your life.”

No one can make you feel inferior without your permission, remember they are no better.”

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Stephanie Kuykenal/Bloomberg News/Landov

Age: 77

Fortune: self made

Source: Berkshire Hathaway

Net Worth: $62.0 bil

Country Of Citizenship: United States

Residence: Omaha, Nebraska , United States, North America

Industry: Investments

Marital Status: widowed, remarried, 3 children

Education: University of Nebraska Lincoln, Bachelor of Arts / Science
Columbia University, Master of Science
America’s most beloved investor is now the world’s richest man. Soared past friend and bridge partner Bill Gates as shares of Berkshire Hathaway climbed 25% since the middle of last July. Son of Nebraska politician delivered newspapers as a boy. Filed first tax return at age 13, claiming $35 deduction for bicycle. Studied under value investing guru Benjamin Graham at Columbia. Took over textile firm Berkshire Hathaway 1965. Today holding company invested in insurance (Geico, General Re), jewelry (Borsheim’s), utilities (MidAmerican Energy), food (Dairy Queen, See’s Candies). Also has noncontrolling stakes in Anheuser-Busch, Coca-Cola, Wells Fargo. Insurance operations flourished in 2007. “That party is over. It’s a certainty that insurance-industry profit margins, including ours, will fall significantly in 2008.” The Oracle of Omaha issued a challenge to members of The Forbes 400 in October; said he would donate $1 million to charity if the collective group of richest Americans would admit they pay less taxes, as a percentage of income, than their secretaries. Had long promised to give away his fortune posthumously. Irrevocably earmarked the majority of his Berkshire shares to charity in 2006, mostly to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Gift was valued at $31 billion on day of announcement; donation will far exceed that sum so long as Berkshire shares continue to rise.

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Historical Events

Welcome to Today In History for Tuesday, March 18, 2008.

  Historical Events on this Day in History …

0417 – St Zosimus begins his reign as Catholic Pope
0731 – St Gregory III begins his reign as Catholic Pope
1123 – 1st Latern Council (9th ecumenical council) opens in Rome
1167 – Battle of El-Babein, Egypt: Franks under Amalrik vs Syrians
1190 – Crusaders kill 57 Jews in Bury St Edmonds England
1229 – German emperor Frederick II crowns himself king of Jerusalem
1438 – Albrecht II von Habsburg becomes king of Germany
1509 – Emperor Maximilian I names Margaretha land guardians of Netherlands
1532 – English parliament bans payments by English church to Rome
1541 – Hernan de Soto observes 1st recorded flood in America (Mississippi R)
1582 – Prince Willem of Orange injured in attack at Antwerp
1583 – Dutch States General and Anjou sign treaty
1673 – Lord Berkley sells his half of New Jersey to the Quakers
1754 – Duke of Newcastle becomes English premier
1766 – Britain repeals the Stamp Act
1773 – Oliver Goldsmith’ “She Stoops to Conquer,” premieres in London
1793 – 2nd Battle at Neerwinden: Austria army beats France
1810 – “Converse,” 1st US opera, premieres in NY
1813 – David Melville, Newport, RI, patents apparatus for making coal gas
1818 – Congress approves 1st pensions for government service
1834 – 1st railroad tunnel in US completed, in Penn (275 m long)
1835 – Charles Darwin departs Santiago Chile on his way to Portillo Pass
1847 – 1st Dutch public telegram
1850 – Henry Wells and William Fargo forms American Express in Buffalo
1858 – Dutch Van der Brugghen govt resigns
1859 – Vera Cruz besieged by Miram¢n (Cons) in Mexican War of Reform
1864 – Dale Dike on Humber River crumbles drowning some 240
1865 – Congress of Confederate States of American adjourns for last time
1865 – Battle of Wilson’s raid to Selma, AL
1870 – 1st US National Wildlife Preserve (Lake Meritt in Oakland Calif)
1871 – Communards revolt in Paris
1877 – President Hayes appoints Frederick Douglass marshal of Wash DC
1881 – Barnum and Bailey’s Greatest Show on Earth opens (MSG)
1890 – 1st US state naval militia organized (Massachusetts)
1891 – Britain is linked to the continent by Telephone
1892 – Lord Stanley presents silver challenge cup for hockey (Stanley Cup)
1895 – 200 blacks leave Savannah, Ga for Liberia
1899 – Phoebe, a moon of Saturn is discovered by Pickering
1900 – Ajax (Amsterdam Football Club), forms
1902 – Sch”nberg’s “Verkl„rte Nacht,” premieres in Vienna
1902 – Enrico Caruso becomes 1st well-known performer to make a record
1904 – 1st performance of Edward Elgar’s “In the South (Alassio)”
1909 – Einar Dessau of Denmark makes 1st ham broadcast
1910 – 1st opera by an US composer (Converse) performed at the Met, NYC
1911 – North Dakota enacts a hail insurance law
1914 – White Wolf gang beats govt army in Jingdezhen China
1915 – Failed British attack in Dardanelles
1915 – French battleship Bouvet explodes, 640 killed
1918 – Soccer team SON OF Meerssen forms
1918 – Socialist Youth AJC organizes in Amsterdam
1919 – Order of DeMolay forms in Kansas City
1920 – Greece adopts the Gregorian calendar
1921 – 2nd Peace of Riga, Poland enlarged
1921 – Steamer “Hong Koh” runs aground off Swatow China killing 1,000
1922 – WBT-AM in Charlotte NC begins radio transmissions
1922 – Mohandas K Gandhi sentenced to 6 years’ imprisonment
1922 – Brit magistrates in India sentence Gandhi to 6 years for disobedience
1922 – 1st intercollegiate indoor polo championship (Princeton vs Yale)
1925 – (8) 60-MPH tornadoes speed Mo, In, Il, Ky, and Tn kills 689
1929 – Dmitri Shostakovitch’ “The new Babylon,” premieres in Leningrad
1930 – Boston Bruins win record 20th NHL home game
1931 – Juan Bautista Aznar becomes premier of Spain
1931 – 1st electric shavers go on sale in US (Schick)
1933 – Radio Clube de Mocambique’s, 1st radio transmission
1933 – US Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Maribel Vinson
1933 – US Mens Figure Skating championship won by Roger Turner
1937 – Gas explosion in school in New London Texas: 294 die
1938 – Pres Cardena of Mexico nationalizes US and British oil companies
1938 – NY 1st requires serological blood tests of pregnant women
1938 – Mexico takes control of foreign-owned oil properties
1940 – Mussolini joins Hitler in Germany’s war against France and Britain
1942 – Illegal Free Netherlands announces boycott of theaters
1942 – 2 black players, Jackie Robinson and Nate Moreland, request a tryout with the Chicago White Sox, they are allowed to work out
1943 – James Oglethorpe (US) and Terkolei (Neth), torpedoed and sinks
1943 – Red Army evacuates Belgorod
1944 – 2,500 women trample guards and floorwalkers to purchase 1,500 alarm clocks announced for sale in a Chicago Illinois dept store
1944 – Nazi Germany occupies Hungary
1945 – 1,250 US bombers attacks Berlin
1945 – Maurice “Rocket” Richard becomes the 1st NHLer to score 50 goals
1945 – US Task Force 58 attacks targets on Kiushu
1948 – Philips begin experimental TV broadcasting
1948 – France and Great Britain and Benelux sign Treaty of Brussels
1949 – NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Org) ratified
1949 – WGAL TV channel 8 in Lancaster, PA (NBC) begins broadcasting
1950 – “Touch and Go” closes at Broadhurst Theater NYC after 176 performances
1950 – CCNY beats Bradley 69-61 for the NIT championship
1951 – Pat O’Sullivan wins LPGA Titleholders Golf Championship
1952 – 1st plastic lens for cataract patients fitted (Phila)
1952 – Communist offensive in Korea
1953 – NL approves Boston Braves move to Milwaukee (1st shift since 1903)
1953 – KGNC (now KAMR) TV channel 4 in Amarillo, TX (NBC) begins broadcasting
1953 – Earthquake strikes West Turkey, 250 die
1953 – Boston Braves move to Milwaukee
1953 – 15th NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship: Indiana beats Kansas 69-68
1955 – I Hatojama recognized as premier of Japan
1957 – WTWV (now WTVA) TV channel 9 in Tupelo-Columbus, MS (NBC) begins
1958 – Dodgers announces mascot/clown Emmett Kelly will not perform in 1958
1959 – President Dwight D Eisenhower signs Hawaii statehood bill
1959 – Boston Celtic’s Bill Sharman begins record of 56 straight free-throws
1961 – Poppin’ Fresh Pillsbury Dough Boy introduced
1962 – Algerian War ends after 7« yrs (250,000 die), Ben Bella flees
1962 – Dmitri Shostakovitch becomes member of Supreme Soviet of USSR
1963 – WGSF TV channel 31 in Newark, OH (PBS) begins broadcasting
1963 – Supreme Court’s Miranda Decision; defendants must have lawyers
1963 – France performs underground nuclear test at Ecker Algeria
1963 – “Tovarich” opens at Broadway Theater NYC for 264 performances
1965 – “Do I Hear a Waltz?” opens at 46th St Theater NYC for 220 performances
1965 – Rolling Stones fined œ5 each for public urination
1965 – USSR launches Voshkod 2; Alexei Leonov makes 1st spacewalk (20 mins)
1966 – Scott Paper begins selling paper dresses for $1
1966 – General Suharto forms government in Indonesia
1966 – “Pousse Cafe” opens at 46th St Theater NYC for 3 performances
1967 – Beatles’ “Penny Lane,” single goes #1
1967 – Oil tanker Torrey Canyon hits a rock and spills oil
1968 – WVTA TV channel 41 in Windsor, VT (PBS) begins broadcasting
1968 – WVER TV channel 28 in Rutland, VT (PBS) begins broadcasting
1968 – Congress repeals requirement for a gold reserve
1969 – “Come Summer” opens at Lunt Fontanne Theater NYC for 7 performances
1970 – NFL selects Wilson as official football and scoreboard as official time
1970 – Mail service paralyzed by 1st major postal strike
1970 – KAEC TV channel 19 in Lufkin, TX (ABC) suspends broadcasting
1970 – Cambodia military coup under Gen Lon Nol, prince Sihanuk flees
1970 – -25) US Postal begins strike
1971 – 200 die in landslide into Lake Yanahuani, Chungar Peru
1972 – Memphis’ Larry Miller sets ABA record of 67 pts in a game
1972 – Cornell NCAA hockey team shut out for 1st time in 225 games (Boston U)
1972 – China PR performs nuclear test at Lop Nor PRC
1972 – AIAW 1st basketball champs, Immaculata beats West Chester State 52-48
1973 – “Seesaw” opens at Uris Theater NYC for 296 performances
1973 – Sandra Haynie wins LPGA Orange Blossom Golf Classic
1974 – Most Arab oil producing nations end embargo against US
1975 – Kurds end fight against Iraqi army
1977 – Clash releases their 1st recording “White Riot”
1977 – US restricts citizens from visiting Cuba, Vietnam, N Korea and Cambodia
1977 – Vietnam hands over MIA to US
1978 – Pakistani former premier Ali Bhutto sentenced to death
1978 – 250,000 attend rock concert Calif Jam II in Ontario Calif
1979 – “On the 20th Century” closes at St James Theater NYC after 460 perfs
1979 – Battles between Kurds and Iranians break in Sananday Iran
1979 – Joanne Carner wins LPGA Honda Civic Golf Classic
1980 – Vostok rocket exploded on launch pad while being refueled, killing 50
1981 – Buffalo Sabres sets NHL record of 9 goals in 1 period (vs Toronto)
1982 – Singer Teddy Pendergrass’ spinal cord severed in a car accident
1984 – Chris Johnson wins LPGA Tucson Conquistadores Golf Open
1985 – Capital Cities Communications Inc acquires ABC
1985 – Commissioner Peter Ueberroth reinstates Willie Mays and Mickey Mantle
1986 – Treasury Dept announces plans to alter paper money
1986 – Exciting draw in final gives NSW the Sheffield Shield over Qld
1987 – Gerber survey find most popular names for newborns (Jessica and Matthew)
1987 – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1989 – 27th space shuttle mission, STS-29 (Discovery 8), returns to Earth
1989 – California Quake amusement ride opens at Universal Studios
1989 – Dino Ciccarelli sets Wash Cap record of 7 pts in a game
1989 – Largest Art robbery in the history (Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston), where 12 paintings valued at $100 million are stolen
1990 – Colleen Walker wins Circle K Tucson LPGA Golf Open
1990 – Biggest US art robbery, $100’s millions at Gardner Museum, Boston
1990 – A Tampa little leaguer, dies, after being struck by a pitch
1990 – 32-day lockout by baseball owners ends
1990 – 1st free elections in East Germany, Conservatives beat Communists
1991 – Apple computer head Steve Jobs weds Laurene Powell
1991 – Mike Tyson beats Razor Ruddock in the 7th round
1991 – Phila ’76ers retires Wilt Chamberlain’s #13 jersey
1991 – Reggie Miller (Indiana) ends NBA free throw streak of 52 games
1992 – Zimbabwe beat England by 9 runs in World Cup at Albury
1992 – Leona Helmsley sentence to 4 years for tax evasion
1992 – Donna Summer gets a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame
1992 – “4 Baboons Adoring the Sun” opens at Beaumont Theater NYC for 38 perf
1993 – Sri Lanka beat England in Test match by 5 wickets
1993 – Eddie Murphy marries Nicole Mitchell in NYC
1993 – Amsterdam stock exchange hits record Ÿ12.2 billion
1993 – “Sisters Rosensweig” opens at Barrymore Theater NYC for 556 perfs
1994 – South Africa Goldstone committee reveals existence of secret police
1994 – Space shuttle STS-62 (Columbia 16), lands
1994 – Zsa Zsa Gabor files for bankruptcy
1995 – Spanish princess Elena (31) weds Jaime de Marichalar y Saenez Tejada
1995 – STS 67 (Endeavour 8) lands after 16« days
1995 – Michael Jordan announces he is ending his 17 month NBA retirement
1996 – 50,000 swimmers raise 15 million for charity during BT’s Swimathon ’96
1997 – Russian AN-24 plane crashes in Turkey, 50 die

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Historical Events

Welcome to Today In History for Thursday, March 6, 2008.


1079 – Omar ibn Ibrahim al-Chajjam completes Jalali-calendar
1205 – Aken, [Philips van Zwaben], crowned Roman-Catholic German King
1323 – Treaty of Paris
1447 – Tommaso Parentucelli succeeds Pope Eugene IV as Nicolas V
1460 – Treaty of Alcacovas-Portugal gives Castile Canary Is for W Africa
1521 – Magellan discovers Guam
1579 – Veluwe joins Union of Utrecht
1590 – Earl Mauritius conquerors Breda “turfschip of Breda”
1628 – Emperor Ferdinand II delegates Restitutie-edict
1646 – Joseph Jenkes, MA, receives 1st colonial machine patent
1664 – King Louis XIV and Emperor of Brandenburg signs covenant
1665 – Philosophical Transactions of Royal Society starts publishing
1714 – Peace of Rastatt – French emperor Charles VI of Habsburg
1728 – Spain and England sign (1st) Convention of Pardo
1775 – 1st Negro Mason in US initiated, Boston
1799 – Napolean captures Jaffa Palestine
1808 – 1st college orchestra in US founded, at Harvard
1810 – Illinois passes 1st state vaccination legislation in US
1816 – Jews are expelled from Free city of Lubeck Germany
1831 – Vincenzo Bellini’s opera “La Sonnambula,” premieres in Milan
1831 – Edgar Allen Poe removed from West Point milt academy
1831 – Bellini’s opera “La Sonnambula,” premieres in Milan
1834 – Toronto incorporated with William Lyon Mackenzie as its 1st mayor
1836 – 3,000 Mexicans beat 182 Texans at the Alamo, after 13 day fight
1836 – HMS Beagle/Darwin reaches King George’s Sound, Australia
1838 – Franz Grillparzer’s “Weh dem, der Lugt,” premieres in Vienna
1851 – Dion Boucicault’s “Love in a Maze,” premieres in London
1853 – Giuseppe Verdi’s Opera “La Traviata,” premieres in Venice
1855 – Gustave Flaubert writes goodbye to Louise Colet
1857 – Dred Scott Decision: Supreme Court rules slaves cannot be citizens
1861 – Provisionary Confederate Congress establishes Confederate Army
1862 – Battle of Pea Ridge, AR (Elkhorn Tavern)
1865 – Battle of Natural Bridge, Florida
1865 – President Lincolns 2nd Inaugural Ball
1882 – Monarch Milan Obrenovic of Serbia crowns himself king
1886 – 1st US alternating current power plant starts, Great Barrington, MA
1886 – 1st US nurses’ magazine, The Nightingale, 1st appears, NYC
1895 – England beat Australia to win one of the best cricket series ever, 3-2
1895 – J T Brown hits the fastest 50 in Test Crickets (28 mins) Eng v Aust
1896 – 1st auto in Detroit, Charles B King rides his “Horseless Carriage”
1899 – “Asprin” patented by Felix Hoffmann
1902 – Census Bureau forms
1906 – Cubs sign 3rd baseman Harry Steinfeldt to complete Tinker-Evers-Chance
1906 – Heavy storm bursts dike flooding Vlissingen, Netherlands
1906 – Nora Blatch is 1st woman elected to American Soc of Civil Engineers
1909 – Gerhart Hauptmann’s “Griselda,” premieres in Vienna
1915 – Greek King Constantine I fires premier Venizelos
1918 – US naval boat “Cyclops” disappears in Bermuda Triangle
1919 – NHL Championship: Montreal Canadiens beat Ottawa Senators, 3 games to 1 with 1 tie
1921 – Police in Sunbury Penn issue an edict requiring Women to wear skirts at least 4 inches below the knee
1922 – Babe Ruth signs 3 years at $52,000 a year NY Yankee contract
1922 – GB Shaw’s “Back to Methusaleh III/IV,” premieres in NYC
1923 – Cards announce their players will wear numbers on their uniforms
1924 – British Labour govt cuts military budget
1925 – Belgium annexes Eupen, Malm‚dy and Sankt Vith
1926 – China asks for a seat in the Security council
1929 – Turkey and Bulgaria sign friendship treaty
1930 – Bkln’s Clarence Birdseye develops a method for quick freezing food
1933 – Poland occupies free city Danzig (Gdansk)
1933 – Maxwell Anderson’s “Both your Houses,” premieres in NYC
1933 – FDR declares a nationwide bank holiday
1934 – Sidney Howard and Paul de Kruif’s “Yellowjacket,” premieres in NYC
1935 – Frank Bartell (Czech), cycles record 80.584 mph in LA
1936 – Belgium ends Locarno-pact
1940 – 1st US telecast from an airplane, NYC
1943 – Sukarno asks for cooperation with Japanese occupiers
1943 – Battle at Medenine, North-Africa: Rommels assault attack
1944 – USAF begins daylight bombing of Berlin
1945 – Federico Garc¡a Lorca’s “La Casa,” premieres in Buenos Aires
1945 – Erich Honnecker and Erich Hanke flee nazis
1945 – Chinese 38th division occupies Lashio
1945 – Assassination attempt on Hihere, SS Police fuhrer Rauter
1945 – 117 SD-prisoners executed at Savage Farm
1946 – France recognizes Vietnam statehood within Indo-Chinese federation
1947 – XB-45, 1st US 4-engine jet bomber, makes 1st test flight, Muroc, CA
1950 – Silly Putty invented
1951 – Belgium extends conscription to 24 months
1953 – Malenkov becomes chairman of the USSR
1955 – Jackie Pung wins LPGA Jacksonville Golf Open
1955 – Dutch premiere of Samuel Becketts’ “Waiting for Godot”
1957 – Ghana (formerly Gold Coast) declares independence from UK
1959 – 11st Emmy Awards: Playhouse 90, Jack Benny Show, Raymond Burr
1959 – Farthest radio signal heard (Pioneer IV, 400,000 miles)
1960 – President Sukarno disbands Indonesia’s parliament
1961 – 1st London minicabs introduced
1961 – Dutch Queen Juliana celebrates 12« year govt jubilee
1961 – Dutch guilder revalued 4.74%
1962 – US promise Thailand assistance against communist aggression
1962 – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1962 – St Louis vote to build a new downtown stadium for the Cardinals
1964 – Constantine succeeds Paul I as king of Greece
1964 – Elijah Muhammad renames Cassius Clay, Muhammad Ali
1964 – Liz Taylor’s 4th divorce (Eddie Fisher)
1964 – Tom O’Hara runs world record mile (3:56.4)
1965 – Bruce Taylor hits 105 for NZ v India in 1st Test Cricket innings
1965 – 1st nonstop helicopter crossing of North America, JR Willford
1965 – “How to Succeed in Business” closes at 46th St NYC after 1415 perfs
1966 – Barry Sadlers’ “Ballad of the Green Berets” becomes #1 (13 weeks)
1967 – WACS TV channel 25 in Dawson, GA (PBS) begins broadcasting
1967 – Stalin’s daughter Svetlana Allilujeva asks for political asylum in US
1967 – Muhammad Ali is order by selective service to be inducted
1967 – Jimmy Hoffa enters Lewisburg Federal Prison
1967 – 2nd Academy of Country Music Awards
1970 – Beatles release “Let it Be” in UK
1971 – Test Cricket debut of Sunil Gavaskar, v West Indies at Port-of-Spain
1972 – Jack Nicklaus, passes Arnold Palmer as golf’s all-time money winner
1972 – Keswick to Penrith railway officially closes
1973 – In an exhibition game with the Pirates, Twins Larry Hisle becomes the 1st designated hitter (he hits 2 HRs and knocks in 7 RBIs)
1974 – Ian and Greg Chappell score cricket
1974 – An Italian loses a record $1,920,000 at roulette in Monte Carlo
1974 – “Over Here” opens at Shubert Theater NYC for 341 performances
1976 – Ice Dance Championship at Gothenburg won by Pakhomova and Gorshkov (URS)
1976 – Ice Pairs Championship at Gothenburg won by Rodnina and Zaitsev (URS)
1976 – Men’s Fig Skating Championship in Gothenburg won by John Curry (GRB)
1976 – Worlds Ladies Fig Skating Champ in Gothenburg won by Dorothy Hamill
1978 – Hustler publisher Larry Flynt shot and crippled by a sniper in Ga
1980 – French Academy, founded in 1635, elects it 1st woman novelist (Marguerita Youcenar)
1980 – Princess Theater (Latin Quarter, Cotton Club) opens at 200 W 48th NYC
1980 – Emmy 7th Daytime Award presentation – Susan Lucci loses for 1st time
1981 – France performs nuclear test at Muruora Island
1981 – Soyuz 39 returns to Earth
1981 – Walter Cronkite signs-off as anchorman of “CBS Evening News”
1981 – Worlds Ladies Fig Skating Champ in Hartford won by Denise Biellmann
1982 – NBA highest scoring game: San Antonio beat Milwaukee 171-166 (3 OT)
1982 – Susan Birmingham makes loudest recorded human shout (120 dB)
1983 – US Football League begins its 1st season
1983 – New Bedford, Mass woman charges she was gang-raped atop a pool table
1983 – Helmut Kohl’s CDU/CSU wins West German parliament elections
1983 – Anne-Marie Palli wins LPGA Samaritan Turquoise Golf Classic
1983 – “On Your Toes” opens at Virginia Theater NYC for 505 performances
1985 – Enos Slaughter and Arky Vaughan are elected to baseball Hall of Fame
1985 – Mike Tyson KOs Hector Mercedes in 1 round in his 1st pro fight
1985 – M‚xican authorities find body of US drug agent Enrique C Salaazar
1985 – Yul Brynner appears in his 4,500th performance of “King and I”
1986 – USSR’s Vega 1 flies by Halley’s Comet at 8,889 km
1986 – Ken Ludwig’s “Lend me a Tenor,” premieres in London
1987 – 6.8 earthquake hits Ecuador, kills 100
1987 – Belgium ferry boat “Herald of Free Enterprise” capsizes/sinks; 192 die
1988 – Orville Moodey shoots 63 at Seniors golf tournament
1988 – Julie Krone becomes winningest female jockey (1205 victories)
1988 – Betsy King wins LPGA Women’s Kemper Golf Open/Helene Curtis Pro-Am
1988 – 3 IRA suspects were shot dead in Gibraltar by SAS officers
1988 – 18th Easter Seal Telethon raises $35,200,000
1989 – Yanks beat Mets 6-4 in exhibition game (1st meeting since 1985)
1990 – SR-71 sets a transcontinental record, flying 2,404 miles in 1:08:17
1991 – Following Iraq’s capitulation in the Persian Gulf conflict, Pres Bush told Congress that “aggression is defeated. The war is over”
1992 – Yankee pitcher Pascual Perez suspended for 1 year due to cocaine
1994 – Colin Jackson runs world record 60m hurdles indoor (7.30 sec)
1994 – United Arab Emirates beat Kenya by 2 wickets to win ICC Trophy
1995 – US 4.5› equals 156.30 Dutch guilder (record)
1995 – Howard Stern Radio Show premieres in Phoenix AZ on KEDJ 106.3/100.3 FM
1995 – American Express Travel begins charging for domestic air tickets
1995 – 9th American Comedy Award: Rodney Dangerfield
1996 – 10th American Comedy Award
1996 – 2nd Blockbuster Entertainment Awards
1996 – Aravinda De Silva smashes 145 v Kenya in cricket World Cup at Kandy Sri Lanka score 5-398 in 50 overs in World Cup v Kenya
1998 – 1st time the British flag is flown over Buckingham Palace
1998 – Matt Beck, an angry lottery accountant kills 4 at Conn state lottery

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Historical Events

Welcome to Today In History for Wednesday, March 5, 2008.

1179 – 3rd Lateran Council (11th ecumenical council) opens in Rome
1461 – Henry VI was deposed by Duke of York during War of the Roses
1496 – English king Henry VII hires John Cabot (Giovanni Caboto) to explore
1528 – Utrecht governor Maarten van Rossum plunders The Hague
1558 – Smoking tobacco introduced in Europe by Francisco Fernandes
1579 – Betuwe joins Union of Utrecht
1616 – Copernicus’ “de Revolutionibus” placed on Catholic Forbidden index
1623 – 1st American temperance law enacted, Virginia
1651 – South Sea dike in Amsterdam breaks after storm
1684 – Emperor Leopold I, Poland and Venice sign Heilig Covenant of Linz
1743 – 1st US religious journal, The Christian History, published, Boston
1746 – Jakobijnse troops leave Aberdeen
1750 – 1st American Shakespearean production-“altered” Richard III, NYC
1760 – Princess Carolina marries Gen Charles Christian van Nassau-Weilburg
1766 – Don Antonio de Ulloa takes possession of Louisiana Terr from French
1770 – Blanche Kelso Bruce sworn in as a US Senator (Mississippi)
1770 – Boston Massacre, British troops kill 5 in crowd. Crispus Attackus becomes 1st black to die for American freedom
1783 – King Stanislaus Augustus Poniatowski grants rights to Jews of Kovno
1795 – Treaty of Basel-Prussia ends war with France
1795 – Amsterdam celebrates Revolution on the Dam; Square of Revolution
1807 – 1st performance of Ludwig von Beethoven’s 4th Symphony in B
1820 – Dutch city of Leeuwarden forbids Jews to go to synagogues on Sundays
1821 – Monroe is 1st pres inaugurated on March 5th, because 4th was Sun
1836 – Mexico attacks Alamo
1836 – Samuel Colt manufactures 1st pistol, 34-caliber “Texas” model
1845 – Congress appropriates $30,000 to ship camels to western US
1849 – Zachary Taylor sworn in as 12th president
1856 – Georgia becomes 1st state to regulate railroads
1856 – Covent Garden Opera House destroyed in a fire
1862 – Union troops under brig-gen Wright occupy Fernandina Florida
1864 – 1st track meet between Oxford and Cambridge
1868 – US Senate organizes to decide charges against Pres Andrew Johnson
1868 – Stapler patented in England by C H Gould
1868 – Arrigo Boito’s opera “Mefistofele,” premieres in Milan
1872 – George Westinghouse Jr patents triple air brake for trains
1877 – Rutherford B Hayes inaugurated as 19th US president
1894 – Seattle authorizes 1st municipal employment office in US
1896 – Italians governor of Eritrea, Gen Baldissera, reaches Massawa
1896 – Italian premier Crispi resigns
1897 – American Negro Academy forms
1899 – 1st performance of Edward MacDowell’s 2nd Concerto in D
1900 – American Hall of Fame found
1903 – Definitive treaty for construction of Baghdad railway drawn
1907 – 1st radio broadcast of a musical composition aired
1908 – 1st ascent of Mt Erebus, Antarctica
1910 – Ramon Inclan’s “La Farsa Infantil de la Cabeza del Dragon,” premieres
1910 – Stanley Cup: Montreal Wanderers beat Ottawa Senators, 3-1
1912 – Spanish steamer “Principe de Asturias” sinks NE of Spain, 500 die
1917 – 1st jazz recording for Victor Records released
1919 – Louis Hirsch and Harold Atteridge’s musical premieres in NYC
1922 – “Nosferatu” premieres in Berlin
1923 – 1st old age pension plans in US established by Montana and Nevada
1923 – Montana and Nevada become 1st states to enact old age pension laws
1924 – Computing-Tabulating-Recording Corp becomes IBM
1924 – Frank Carauna, becomes 1st to bowl 2 successive perfect 300 games
1924 – King Hussein of Hedzjaz appoints himself kalief
1927 – 1,000 US marines land in China to protect American property
1928 – Karl Zuckmayer’s “Der Hauptmann von K”penick,” premieres in Berlin
1931 – Gandhi and British viceroy Lord Irwin sign pact
1933 – FDR proclaims 10-day bank holiday
1933 – Germany’s Nazi Party wins majority in parliament (43.9%-17.2M votes)
1934 – Mother-in-law’s day 1st celebrated (Amarillo, Tx)
1935 – 1st premature baby health law in US (Chicago)
1936 – Spitfire makes it’s 1st flight (Eastleigh Aerodrome in Southampton)
1942 – Bosnia Tito establishes 3rd Proletarit Brigade in Bosnia
1942 – Dmitri Shostakovitch’ 7th Symphony, premieres in Siberia
1942 – Japanese troop march into Batavia
1943 – RAF bombs Essen Germany
1943 – Anti fascist strikes in Italy
1944 – 1st performance of Walter Piston’s 2nd Symphony
1945 – Allies bombs The Hague, Netherlands
1945 – Generals Eisenhower, Patton and Patch meet in Luneville
1945 – US 7th Army Corps captures Cologne
1945 – US Ladies Figure Skating championship won by Gretchen Merrill
1946 – Winston Churchill’s “Iron Curtain” speech (Fulton Missouri)
1948 – Actor Eli Wallach marries actress Anne Jackson
1948 – US rocket flies record 4800 KPH to 126k height
1949 – Bradman plays his last innings in 1st-class cricket, gets 30
1952 – Terence Rattigan’s “Deep Blue Sea,” premieres in London
1954 – “Girl in Pink Tights” opens at Mark Hellinger NYC for 115 perfs
1955 – Elvis Presley’s 1st TV appearance on “Louisiana Hayride” show
1955 – WBBJ TV channel 7 in Jackson, TN (ABC) begins broadcasting
1956 – “King Kong,” 1st televised
1956 – Mickey Wright wins LPGA Jacksonville Golf Open
1957 – Eamon de Valera’s Fianna Fail-party wins election in Ireland
1957 – Sgt Bilko satirizes Elvis Presley (Elvis Pelvin)
1958 – KDUH TV channel 4 in Scottsbluff-Hay Spring, NB (ABC) 1st broadcast
1958 – Explorer 2 fails to reach Earth orbit
1959 – Iran and US sign economic and military treaty
1960 – Worlds Ladies Fig Skating Champions in Vanc won by Carol E Heiss (USA)
1960 – Men’s Fig Skating Championship in Vancouver won by Alain Giletti (FRA)
1960 – Ice Pairs Championship at Vancouver won by Wagner and Paul (CAN)
1960 – Ice Dance Championship at Vancouver won by Denny and Jones (GRB)
1960 – Elvis Presley ends 2-year hitch in US Army
1962 – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1963 – Beatles record “From Me to You” and “Thank You Girl”
1964 – Emergency crisis proclaimed in Ceylon due to social unrest
1964 – Atlanta Mayor Ivan Allen Jr, announces a baseball team is moving there
1965 – 1st performance of Walter Piston’s 8th Symphony
1965 – Ernie Terrel beats Eddie Machen in 15 for heavyweight boxing title
1966 – US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site
1966 – Player reps elect Marvin Miller, as exec dir of Players’ Assn
1966 – Bob Seagren pole vaults 5.19m indoor world record
1966 – 75 MPH air currents causes BOAC 707 crash into Mount Fuji, 124 die
1967 – WEDN TV channel 53 in Norwich, CT (PBS) begins broadcasting
1968 – US launches Solar Explorer 2 to study the Sun
1969 – Joe Orton’s “What the Butler Saw,” premieres in London
1969 – Gustav Heinemann elected president of West-Germany
1969 – Gold reaches then record high ($47 per ounce) in Paris
1970 – Edison Theater opens at 240 W 47th St NYC
1970 – Nuclear non-proliferation treaty goes into effect
1970 – SDS Weathermen terrorist group bomb 18 West 11th St in NYC
1972 – Greek composer Mikis Theodorakis leaves communist party
1973 – Yankee pitchers Peterson and Kekich announce they swapped wives
1974 – “Candide” opens at Broadway Theater NYC for 740 performances
1974 – Ralph Stewart failed in 2nd Islander penalty shot
1976 – British œ falls below $2 for 1st time
1978 – “Hello, Dolly!” opens at Lunt-Fontanne Theater NYC for 152 perfs
1978 – Landsat 3 launched from Vandenberg AFB, Calif
1979 – Voyager I’s closest approach to Jupiter (172,000 miles)
1980 – Earth satellites record gamma rays from remnants of supernova N-49
1981 – US govt grants Atlanta $1 million to search for black boy murderer
1981 – Men’s Figure Skating Champions in Hartford won by Scott Hamilton (USA)
1981 – Ice Pairs Champ at Hartford won by Irina Vorobieva and I Lisovski (URS)
1981 – Ice Dance Championship at Hartford won by Jayne Torvill and C Dean (GRB)
1981 – “Bring Back Birdie” opens at Martin Beck Theater NYC for 4 perfs
1982 – Russian spacecraft Venera 14 lands on Venus sends back data
1982 – Gaylord Perry (with 297 wins) signs with Seattle Mariners
1983 – Bob Hawke (Labour) defeats Australian PM Malcolm Fraser (Cons)
1983 – NSW beat Western Australia by 54 runs to win Sheffield Shield
1984 – Supreme Court (5-4): city may use public money for Nativity scene
1984 – US accuse Iraq of using poison gas
1985 – NY Islander Mike Bossy is 1st to score 50 goals in 8 straight seasons
1986 – “Today” tabloid launched (Britain’s 1st national color newspaper)
1989 – Elly Verhulst runs world record 3000 m indoor (8:33.82)
1989 – Blains McCallister wins Honda Golf Classic shooting 266
1989 – 19th Easter Seal Telethon raises $37,002,000
1991 – Iraq repealed its annexation of Kuwait
1991 – Reggie Miller (Indiana) begins NBA free throw streak of 52 games
1992 – Ethic committee votes to reveal congressmen who bounced checks
1993 – Marlins beat Astros 12-8 in their 1st spring training game
1993 – Former Wash DC Mayor Marion Barry divorces his wife Effi
1993 – Fokker 100 crashes at Skopje Macedonia, 81 die
1993 – Boston Celtic Larry Bird undergoes backfusion surgery
1994 – Singer Grace Slick arrested for pointing a gun at a cop
1994 – PBA National Championship won by David Traber
1994 – Largest milkshake (1,955 gallons of chocolate-Nelspruit S Africa)
1994 – Dottie Mochrie wins Chrysler-Plymouth Tournament of Golf Championship
1995 – 21st People’s Choice Awards: Tim Allen wins
1995 – Estonia Centrumlinkse Coalition party wins parliamentary election
1995 – Graves of czar Nicholas and family found in St Petersburg
1995 – Marc Velzeboer skates world record 3 km short track (5:00.26)
1996 – Earl Weaver and Jim Bunning, elected to Hall of Fame
1997 – Tommy Lasorda, Nellie Fox and Willie Wells for Hall of Fame
1998 – Mariah Carey divorces Tommy Lee Jone

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Historical Events

Welcome to Today In History for Tuesday, March 4, 2008.

  Historical Events on this Day in History …

1152 – Frederik I Barbarossa elected Roman-German king
1461 – Battle at Towton: Duke Edward of York beats English queen Margaretha Edward IV recognized as king of England
1540 – Protestant count Philip of Hessen marries 2nd wife
1570 – King Philip II bans foreign Dutch students
1590 – Mauritius of Nassau’s ship reaches Breda
1611 – George Abbot appointed archbishop of Canterbury
1621 – Jacarta, Java renamed Batavia
1665 – English king Charles II declares war on Netherlands
1675 – John Flamsteed appointed 1st Astronomer Royal of England
1681 – King Charles II grants William Penn royal charter for Penn
1699 – Jews are expelled from Lubeck Germany
1741 – English fleet under admiral Ogle reaches Cartagena
1774 – 1st sighting of Orion nebula (William Herschel)
1789 – 1st Congress declares constitution in effect (9 senators, 13 reps)
1791 – 1st Jewish member of US Congress, Israel Jacobs (PA), takes office
1791 – Pres Washington calls the US Senate into its 1st special session
1791 – Vermont admitted as 14th state (1st addition to the 13 colonies)
1792 – Oranges introduced to Hawaii
1793 – French troops conquer Geertruidenberg Neth
1793 – Washington’s 2nd inauguration, shortest speech (133 words)
1797 – John Adams inaugurated as 2nd president of US
1798 – Catholic women force to do penance for kindling sabbath fire for Jews
1801 – 1st president inaugurated in Washington DC (Thomas Jefferson)
1809 – Madison becomes 1st president inaugurated in American-made clothes
1825 – John Quincy Adams inaugrated as 6th president
1826 – 1st US RR chartered, Granite Railway in Quincy, Mass
1829 – Andrew Jackson inaugurated as 7th president
1829 – Unruly crowd mobs White House during Pres Jackson inaugural ball
1830 – V Bellini’s opera “I Capuleti e i Montecchi,” premieres in Venice
1835 – HMS Beagle moves into Bay of Concepci¢n
1837 – City of Chicago incorporates
1837 – Martin Van Buren inaugrated as 8th president
1837 – Weekly Advocate changes its name to the Colored American
1841 – Dion Boucicault’s “London Assurance,” premieres in London
1841 – Longest inauguration speech (8,443 words), William Henry Harrison
1845 – James K Polk inaugrated at 11th president
1848 – Sardinia-Piemonte gets new Constitution
1849 – US had no president, Polks term ends on a Sunday, Taylor couldn’t be sworn-in, Sen David Atchison (pres pro tem) term ended Mar 3rd
1853 – Pope Pius IX recovers Catholic hierarchy in Netherlands
1853 – William Rufus de Vane King (D) sworn in as 13th US VP
1861 – Pres Lincoln opens Govt Printing Office
1861 – Lincoln’s inaugurated as 16th pres; 1st time US has 5 former pres
1861 – Confederate States adopt “Stars and Bars” flag
1863 – Battle of Thompson’s Station, TN
1863 – Territory of Idaho established
1865 – President Lincoln inaugurated for his 2nd term as president
1865 – Confederate congress approves final design of “official flag”
1869 – Ulysses Grant inaugurated as 18th president
1876 – US Congress decides to impeach Minister of War Belknap
1877 – Tsjaikovski’s incomplete ballet “Zwanenmeer,” premieres in Moscow
1880 – NY Daily Graphic publishes 1st half-tone engraving, by S H Horgan
1881 – South African president Kruger accepts ceasefire
1881 – James A Garfield inaugurated as 20th president
1881 – Holmes and Watson begin “A Study in Scarlet,” 1st case together
1881 – California becomes 1st state to pass plant quarantine legislation
1883 – John Gordon Cashmans begins “Vicksburg Evening Post” in Mississippi
1885 – Grover Cleveland inaugrated as 1st Democratic pres since Civil War
1885 – Gilbert and Sullivan’s opera “Mikado,” premieres in London
1889 – Benjamin Harrison inaugurated as 23rd president
1893 – Francis Dhanis’ army attacksthe Lualaba, occupies Nyangwe
1893 – Grover Cleveland (D) inaugrated as 24th US president (2nd term)
1894 – Great fire in Shanghai; over 1,000 buildings destroyed
1895 – Gustav Mahler’s 2nd Symphony, premieres in Berlin
1897 – William McKinley inaugurated as 25th president of US
1901 – 1st advanced copy of inaugural speech (Jefferson-Natl Intelligencer)
1901 – President William McKinley inaugurated for 2nd term as president
1901 – Term of George H White, last of post-Reconstruction congressmen, ends
1902 – American Automobile Association (AAA) founded in Chicago
1905 – Gerhart Hauptmann’s “Elga,” premieres in Berlin
1908 – Collingwood Ohio primary school catches fire; 180 die
1909 – President Taft inaugrated at 27th president during 10″ snowstorm
1909 – US prohibits interstate transportation of game birds
1911 – Victor Berger (Wisc) becomes 1st socialist congressman in US
1913 – Woodrow Wilson inaugurated as 28th president
1913 – NY Yankees are 1st to train outside US (Bermuda)
1913 – Gabriel Faur‚’s opera “P‚n‚lope,” premieres in Monte Carlo
1913 – Dept of Commerce and Labor split into separate departments
1913 – 1st US law regulating the shooting of migratory birds passed
1917 – Jeannette Rankin (Rep-R-Mont) becomes 1st female member of Congress
1918 – Terek Autonomous Republic established in RSFSR (until 1921)
1920 – Last day of Julian civil calendar in Greece
1921 – Hot Springs National Park created in Arkansas
1923 – Lenin’s last article in Pravda (about Red bureaucracy)
1924 – “Happy Birthday To You” published by Claydon Sunny
1925 – Pres Coolidge’s inauguration broadcast live on 21 radio stations
1925 – Swain’s Island (near American Samoa) annexed by US
1926 – De Geer govt in Netherlands takes office
1928 – “Bunion Run” race from LA to NYC begins; It is won by Andy Payne
1929 – Charles Curtis (R-Kansas) becomes 1st native American VP
1929 – Herbert Hoover inaugurated as 31st president
1930 – Emma Fahning bowls 1st sanctioned 300 game by a woman
1930 – Coolidge Dam in Arizona dedicated
1931 – Bradman bowled by Herman Griffith for a duck as W I win the Test
1931 – West Indies beat Australia for the 1st time, by 30 runs at SCG
1933 – FDR inaugrated as 32nd pres, pledges to pull US out of Depression and says “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”
1933 – Noordwijk soccer team forms
1933 – Henderson, DeSylva and Brown’s “Strike Me Pink,” premieres in NYC
1933 – Frances Perkins becomes sec of labor, 1st US woman cabinet member
1933 – Chancellor Dollfuss disdolves Austrian parliament
1934 – Easter Cross on Mt Davidson (SF) dedicated
1936 – 1st flight of airship Hindenburg, Germany
1941 – Serbian Prince Paul visits Hitler
1941 – NHL Chicago goalie Samuel LoPresti stops record 80 of 83 Boston shots
1941 – 18 Geuzen resistance fighters sentenced to death in The Hague
1943 – Transport nr 50 departs with French Jews to Maidanek/Sobibor
1944 – 1st US bombing of Berlin
1944 – Anti-Germany strikes in North Italy
1945 – Finland declares war on nazi-Germany
1947 – WWJ (now WDIV) TV channel 4 in Detroit, MI (NBC) begins broadcasting
1949 – Andrei Vishinsky succeeds Molotov as Soviet Foreign minister
1949 – Piet Van de Pol (Neth) becomes world champion billiard player
1949 – Security Council of UN recommends membership for Israel
1954 – JE Wilkins, appointed 1st Black US sub-cabinet member
1955 – 1st radio facsimile transmission sent across the continent
1959 – US Pioneer IV misses Moon and becomes 2nd (US 1st) artificial planet
1960 – French freighter “La Coubre” explodes in Havana Cuba, killing 100
1960 – Lucille Ball files divorce from Desi Arnaz
1961 – Paul-Henri Spaak resigns as sec-gen of NATO
1962 – AEC announces 1st atomic power plant in Antarctica in operation
1964 – Jimmy Hoffa convicted of jury tampering
1965 – David Attenbrough became the new controller of BBC2
1966 – Canadian Pacific airliner explodes on landing at Tokyo, 64 die
1966 – John Lennon, says “We (Beatles) are more popular than Jesus”
1966 – North Sea Gas was 1st pumped ashore by BP
1967 – Worlds Ladies Fig Skating Champion in Vienna won by Peggy Fleming (US)
1967 – Men’s Fig Skating Championship in Vienna won by Emmerich Danzer (AUT)
1967 – Ice Pairs Championship at Vienna won by Belousova and Protopopov (USSR)
1967 – Ice Dance Championship at Vienna won by Towler and Ford (GRB)
1968 – Joe Frazier TKOs Buster Mathis in 11 for heavyweight boxing title
1968 – Martin Luther King Jr announces plans for Poor People’s Campaign
1968 – Orbiting Geophysical Observatory 5 launched
1970 – NY Rangers set then NHL record of 126 games without being shut-out
1970 – Jacksonville is 1st college basketball team to avg 100+ pts per game
1970 – French submarine “Eurydice” explodes
1971 – “City Command” kidnaps 4 US military men at Ankara, Turkey
1972 – Libya and USSR signs cooperation treaty
1972 – Last train run between Penrith to Keswick UK
1972 – Erhard Keller (Germany) skates world record 1000m (1:18.5)
1973 – 15th Grammy Awards: 1st Time Ever I Saw Your Face, America
1974 – David Hares’ “Knuckle,” premieres in London
1974 – Harold Wilson replaces resigning Ed Heath as British premier
1976 – John Pezzin bowls 33 consecutive strikes at Toledo, Ohio
1976 – SF Giants are bought for $8 million by Bob Lurie and Bud Herseth
1977 – Earthquake in Romania, kills 1,541
1977 – Colin Croft takes 8-29 against Pakistan at Port-of-Spain
1977 – 1st CRAY 1 supercomputer shipped, to Los Alamos Laboratories, NM
1978 – Chicago Daily News, founded in 1875, publishes last issue
1979 – US Voyager I photo reveals Jupiter’s rings
1979 – Sally Little wins LPGA Bent Tree Golf Classic
1979 – 200th episode of “All in the Family”
1979 – “Grand Tour” closes at Palace Theater NYC after 61 performances
1980 – 40th hat trick in Islander history-Mike Bossy
1980 – Robert Mugabe’s ZANU-PF wins parliamentary election in Zimbabwe
1982 – 2nd double hat trick in Islander history-Bossy and D Potvin
1982 – NASA launches Intelsat V
1984 – Nancy Lopez wins Uniden LPGA Golf Invitational
1984 – Pee Wee Reese and Rick Ferrell elected to Baseball’s Hall of Fame
1985 – War veterans returned to the “Bridge over the River Kwai”
1985 – Virtual ban on leaded gas ordered by EPA
1985 – STS 51-E vehicle rolls back to Vandenberg AFB; mission cancelled
1986 – Border completes twin Test tons (140 and 114*) v NZ
1989 – Actress Phoebe Cates marries actor Kevin Kline
1989 – Eastern Airlines machinists strike
1989 – Javier Sotomayor high jumps indoor world record (2.43m)
1990 – US 65th manned space mission STS 36 (Atlantis 6) returns from space
1990 – Beth Daniel wins LPGA Women’s Kemper Golf Open
1990 – 20th Easter Seal Telethon
1991 – Bank of Credit and Commerce Intl divests itself of 1st American Bank
1991 – Iraq releases 6 US, 3 British and 1 Italian POW
1993 – Katharine Hepburn enters the hospital suffering from exhaustion
1993 – “Goodbye Girl” opens at Marquis Theater NYC for 188 performances
1994 – 4 Arab terrorist founded guilty of bombing the World Trade Center
1994 – Space shuttle STS-62 (Columbia 16), launches into orbit
1995 – Replacement NY Yankees beat NY Mets 2-1
1995 – Michael Johnson runs world record 400m indoor (44.63 sec)
1995 – George Foreman loses WBA boxing title, refusing to fight Tony Tucker
1995 – Blind teenage boy receives a ‘Bionic Eye’ at a Washington Hospital
1995 – 1st NYC Mayor Trophy’s High school track meet in 19 years
1997 – Brazil Senate allows women to wear slacks
1997 – Comet Hale-Bopp directly above the Sun (1.04 AU)
1997 – President Clinton bans federally funded human cloning research
1997 – Zeya Start-1 launched (Russia)

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